Asher Connif Wins $ 973,00 Through Entering $15000 Tournament Accidently

Asher Connif, a Brooklyn man, is the lucky man who won the almost 1 million dollars by a mistake which he would like make again. He is a man who won the World Poker World Championship and got $973,000. The tournament was going on in April at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa which is in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is his second tournament that he won one after another; just a week before winning this tournament, he had also won one another tournament of $200,000 worth.

Asher Connif, 25 years old man, got chance to win around one million dollars tournament that is scheduled to 29 April through just selecting a wrong tournament on the Website of Borgata, The New York Daily News reported. For being qualified for this tournament chosen by wrong clicking on the website, he had to be successful in qualifying tournament that is called a 2,400 person satellite tournament that incorporates buy-in worth $15000.

It has already been mentioned that this person entered into this tournament unintentionally, so he is considered such a poker player who is somewhat a new poker player to the tournament.  After this tournament, he has become such a poker player who has won the around 1.4 million dollars during last three weeks. According to a website named Hendon Mob, Asher Connif has won only $188,000 in his entire career by the April. Hendon Mob is website known for tracking the career income of the poker players.

When a paper asked to him if you have ever thought, you would win such a huge tournament; he replied that it is funny to say. He won only a 2,400 person field tournament that is happened only by luck that can anytime change anytime.