Bon “John” Phan is among the top-notch players from his backyard

Among the best poker circuits to leverage as a player for more earnings and venerable titles is the World Series of Poker. Bon “John” Phan has managed to play at the WSOP where he has minted twin bracelets while having final tabled four times at the WPT Championships. Apart from his successes at the WSOP, he has finished in the money various times, including a final table at the $5,000 Seven Card Stud tournament in 2005 placing 4th.

Primarily, his resume is rich with achievements at the WSOP and the WPT; however, it is important to remember he was named Card Player Magazine’s Player of the Year and the Bluff Magazine’s Player of the Year in 2008, something that catapulted him to the top-echelon in the poker industry.

First, Phan placed 2nd in the WSOP’s $1,000 NLHE where he netted $289,389 finishing runner-up in his heat and later in the $2,500 NLHE tournament where he raked in $330,846. However, his luck came in 2008 when he played at the $3,000 NLHE where he collected a bracelet alongside a whacking $434,789. He clinched a second bracelet on the same year in the $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw event that saw him earn $151,896.

On the WPT, his notable performance includes his 4th place in the $25,000 Championship of Season III to wring out $518,920 and also in the $9,600 NLHE WPT Season VI tournament at the Bay 101 Shooting Stars in 2008 placing 6th to net $135,000 in the process. In the WPT Season VII, Phan triumphed to win the WPT title in the Legends of Poker where he garnered above $1.1 million. He is also attributed with the origin of the “John Phan” rule in poker that forbids players from requesting an “all in” button which he purported to do in the 2012 L.A Poker Classic which was overruled. He has also won the 5th Annual Jack Binion World Poker Open in 2004, garnering $85,257 and $160,965.

By 2014, his overall live tournament winnings exceeded $5,493,415; this illustrates the profitable nature of poker for willing gurus.