Vitaly Lunkin: one of the most renown poker players

Vitaly Lunkin was born in Moscow. He is one of the most famous Russian poker players. He is a widely known person for his game. Till now he has secured two bracelets at WSOP main events. He wasn’t very good when he started in poker. At his first WSOP main event, he finished at 829th place. 2008 was the year that made him famous. At the hold them up event at WSOP 2008, he won his first bracelet along with the cash prize of $629,417. In the following year, he again finished first, secured his second bracelet and had awarded with the cash prize of $1,891,018. He finished at 40th position in the WSOP main event of 2008. He has cashed in for 25 times at WSOP main events. His fame is mostly related to his winning at Russian Poker Tournament. He is a professional poker player, and he works as a poker trainer in his city, Moscow.

He has earned a total of $5,500,000 from poker games till year 2014. For five times, he has finished at the final table of WSOP main events. He secured 46th position at the main event of WSOP in 2013. Though he has no significant records in World Poker Tour, he has won the title of European Poker Tour. For six times he has cashed in European Poker Tour and for three times he finished at the final table of these events. He is well known for his calmness and simplicity during his games and in his normal life too.

He finished 2nd along with the cash prize of $419,832 at the World Championship event. He is mostly interested in cash prizes, and he prefers to play money games only. He is a regular poker player at WSOP, but he rarely plays at other events and tours.

John Phan

John Phan is a Vietnamese American, proficient poker player and was born on the 10th of October, in the year 1974 in Da Nang, in Vietnam and presently lives in Long Beach, that is in California.

John Phan, who has the epithet “Razor”, was connected with poker since he was not less than 16. He played the amusement for entertainment only and soon improved a liking towards it. Continue reading “John Phan”

Jake Balsiger

Poker player Jake Balsiger returned to Las Vegas in October to attend WSOP final main event. During event, he was not only the youngest poker player at the final table but he got a chance to make a history as youngest champion ever. He was born in Portland but raised in Arizona. He started playing poker at very young age as compared to other players. At the age of 13, he started watching poker at television. At that time he decided that he would participate in WSOP event some day. He was very much serious about poker when he turned 18.

Poker took a prominent place in his life when he was studying at Arizona University. He was a political science student but he was more interested in poker games. He started playing low stakes games online also. He was not a good player in starting until 2012. He was working really hard to improve his game skills. At the age of 21, he took his first trip to Las Vegas for WSOP poker event. He played extremely well and cashed in 100th place. He also started participating in other events to improve his game strategies. At last, he got a chance to participate in $10,000 NLHE championship. The championship was a memorable experience for Jake Balsiger where he was able to make the final table and good cash amount.

It was necessary for him to learn what opponents think about him. He was competing against most popular poker players at NLHE championship. At this young age, he has achieved lots of success and good cash value. We are looking for a deep run from this wonderful payer in near future also. His total earning is more than $8.5 million till now. His desire is to become most established player in the industry and we are hoping that he will achieve this title soon.

Daniel “007” Craig and his life on the poker table

Poker is currently said to be the quickest developing phenomenon in history, all through the planet. The worldwide poker blast started in the United States accompanying the prestigious World Series of Poker in 2003 in Las Vegas, however as its notoriety as America’s play area develops exponentially every year, its currently a major draw for famous people, as well. Like James Bond, a British super spy defined by Ian Fleming’s books now the most recent performer to wear the title of 007. Continue reading “Daniel “007” Craig and his life on the poker table”

Winning Achievements

Layne Flack achieved the title of “Back to Back Flack” due to two consecutive wins at the event World Series of Poker in the year 2002. Initially he started his carrier graph as a dealer and then later on decided to try out his luck at the poker tables. He was born in the Rapid City, South Dakota; and raised at Montana. He began playing poker games after and even before of his dealer job at some of neighboring casinos. At the time of his college days, when he was working on a business degree, he realized the fact that poker is not just for pay out tuition fees. His biggest winning achievement pushed himself to left school and pursue towards his poker game skills.

At the time of running games at Montana, he met one of the professional poker players Huck Seed; he encouraged Flack to play at high table stacks at Las Vegas. He achieved victory in the initial two tournaments. First tournament was that of Fame Poker Classic No Limit Hold’Em in the year 1997, and second was Carnival of poker No Limit Hold’Em. Flack made over $2,000,000 from the WSOP tournaments and over all he earned nearly around $3.5 million.

Flack won his first WSOP bracelet in the year 1999 at $3,000 Pot Limit Hold’Em, then after second bracelet in the year 2002 at $2,000 No Limit Hold’Em and even at the $1,500 No limits Hold’Em, $2,500 Omaha Hi/Lo Split in 2003, and $1,500 Limit Hold’Em Shootout in 2003. He finished the table at 2nd position in 1998 for $2,000 No Limit Hold’Em, 3rd position in 2000 at $5,000 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, and again at 3rd position in 2001 at $2,000 No Limit Hold’Em, 2nd position in 2005 at $1,500 Pot Limit Hold’Em, and 4th position in 2005 at $5,000 No Limit Hold’Em Short-Handed. So on, there is countless achievement of Flack in the poker industry.

Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold was born in Kansas City, Missouri and from here he moved to New Jersey and this is where he and his mother stayed. He spent his early educational years here and did his graduation by studying entertainment law. This was the time when he took up a job at a talent agency and this is where he took the credit of brining up too many stars and making them be a part of the limelight. As he was in Los Angeles, this was one place where all the starts were. As he became a part of the talent agency, he met one of the greatest poker players of all times, Johnny Chan, and this is where he took his first step towards gaining the knowledge of the game.

He started playing the game with Chan and learnt the tricks of how he should play the game. Once he developed an interest in the game, he did not look back. Starting from the basics, he learnt all that was to be about the game and started playing in the local circuits. This was the time when he mastered the game and started taking it in a serious manner. His final tables are a record in itself and this is the reason why he has gained so much popularity in such a short time.

He did not rely only on experience; he also read a lot of books to enhance his knowledge of the game and continuously kept himself updated about the new tricks of the game. He is famous for his victory at one of the biggest poker tournaments which are held the world over. He won a whooping amount of $12 million at the WSOP NLHE Championships of the world. This is one game for which he has been remembered for a long time now.