Atlantic City Casino Industry Shows 30% First Quarter Profit

The first quarter of the year looks to be very good for the casino industry in the Atlantic City.

The industry has recorded $139.2 million gross operating profit during the first quarter of 2017. This is a very good figure and what this amount means is that the casino industry has seen a growth rate of 30% when compared to its gross profits for the first quarter in 2016.

There is a boost in the earnings and collections overall in the casino industry. The amount collected by the casinos from Jan 1 to March 31 of 2017 is $816.7 million and the cash collected through casinos for the same period in 2016 was $803.1 million. This means that there is an increase of 1.7% cash take in this year than the last year for the first quarter period. The wins at the casino also have increased and this year it is $602 million of the total cash revenue, which is an increase of about 4% from the last year. Continue reading “Atlantic City Casino Industry Shows 30% First Quarter Profit”

Layne Flack Leads The Monster Stack

The Caribbean festival of the 2016 World Series of Poker third ring event is going at the Casino Royale.

The event has the presence of 109 players. And this is a re-buy event. The additional 27 re-entries increased the field of the game to the 136 entries in total. Now, 136 players will fight to make it to the final table of the event. The event has the prize pool of $40,800 and players till the top 15th position will get a minimum amount of $690. On the other hand, the winner of the event will get an elusive WSOP Circuit ring and a cash amount of $11,400.

As the game started, the field of 136 players did not manage to remain in the game for a long time. After 15 levels in the match that went for 30 minutes each, the field gets shortened to just 29. In the game, the player, Layne Flack with 363,500 claimed the lead. While, Willie Janssen with 237,000 in the $365 Six-Handed Event finished 3rd.

Other notables and big stacks in the invent include Christophe Enrici (139,000), Chan Ping Hsiung (163,000), Benjamin Perez (89,500), Devaul Fenton (113,000), Dominik French (49,000) and Robert Cheung (74,000). Continue reading “Layne Flack Leads The Monster Stack”

Asher Connif Wins $ 973,00 Through Entering $15000 Tournament Accidently

Asher Connif, a Brooklyn man, is the lucky man who won the almost 1 million dollars by a mistake which he would like make again. He is a man who won the World Poker World Championship and got $973,000. The tournament was going on in April at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa which is in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is his second tournament that he won one after another; just a week before winning this tournament, he had also won one another tournament of $200,000 worth.

Asher Connif, 25 years old man, got chance to win around one million dollars tournament that is scheduled to 29 April through just selecting a wrong tournament on the Website of Borgata, The New York Daily News reported. For being qualified for this tournament chosen by wrong clicking on the website, he had to be successful in qualifying tournament that is called a 2,400 person satellite tournament that incorporates buy-in worth $15000. Continue reading “Asher Connif Wins $ 973,00 Through Entering $15000 Tournament Accidently”

HPO St. Louis Main Event is to start off this Saturday, Moneymaker to Defend His Title

Hollywood Poker Open (HPO) for the past week has been hosting the newest festival of it in St. Louis, Missouri and the venue is the Hollywood Casino. The poker festival featuring 34 events will be concluding with the Regional Main Event of $1,115 this Saturday, and this tournament will be tracked and reported live by PokerNews live blog.

Donnis peters the editor in chief of PokerNews was excited about the event and said, Hollywood Poker Open at the Hollywood Casino would be great and a lot of talks are doing the round about the chances of Chris Moneymaker, the defending champion of the event, making it for the second time. He further elaborated that Moneymaker’s chances are great as he has just come off the HPO Grantville final table and appear the favorite to win but just lagged behind.  This would also be an opportunity for Chris to make amends to one past and one future event, to salvage the lost event and regain his championship at St. Louis HPO.

The champion of the 2003 World Series Main Event is here to indeed to defend his title. Moneymaker won the last year event with prize money of $36,259 at HPO St. Louis which you can read about at our website. Continue reading “HPO St. Louis Main Event is to start off this Saturday, Moneymaker to Defend His Title”

Juan Carlos: A Smart Poker Player

Juan Carlos Mortensen is basically from Henderson, United State. He is an average player of poker. He has played hardly games of poker.

He is quite handsome and looks good. He is of 36 years old. He has won $63218 career casinos in his throughout career. Also he has won one career title. He has won 9 career cashes in his profession. He has played Most of the games like in World Series of poker. In World Series of he has won $2,740 winnings. Also he has won one career cash in this series.

Juan has not played in world poker tour and European Poker tour also. Juan has not won any player of the year and also he doesn’t have any ranking in his series. He has recently played on 18th Feb 2015. He has played in Deep stack extravaganza the game type of this series was No-Limit Hold’em $150K GTD. Total  buy-in of this series was $250 with prize pool $219760 in this game he has placed a 13th place from 1072 participants. Also He has recently played game on 5th Feb 2015. In which he has placed at 1st place from 1072 entries. Continue reading “Juan Carlos: A Smart Poker Player”

Bon “John” Phan is among the top-notch players from his backyard

Among the best poker circuits to leverage as a player for more earnings and venerable titles is the World Series of Poker. Bon “John” Phan has managed to play at the WSOP where he has minted twin bracelets while having final tabled four times at the WPT Championships. Apart from his successes at the WSOP, he has finished in the money various times, including a final table at the $5,000 Seven Card Stud tournament in 2005 placing 4th.

Primarily, his resume is rich with achievements at the WSOP and the WPT; however, it is important to remember he was named Card Player Magazine’s Player of the Year and the Bluff Magazine’s Player of the Year in 2008, something that catapulted him to the top-echelon in the poker industry.

First, Phan placed 2nd in the WSOP’s $1,000 NLHE where he netted $289,389 finishing runner-up in his heat and later in the $2,500 NLHE tournament where he raked in $330,846. However, his luck came in 2008 when he played at the $3,000 NLHE where he collected a bracelet alongside a whacking $434,789. He clinched a second bracelet on the same year in the $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw event that saw him earn $151,896. Continue reading “Bon “John” Phan is among the top-notch players from his backyard”