Sami Kelopuro Wins PartyPoker POWERFEST Score

The PartyPoker POWERFEST came in and in great fashion in 23rd of September with over $6.8 million being awarded throughout 35 events. there were 2 $1 million guaranteed Championship Events and Sami Kelopuro, the Finnish star who came out with the highest score of the night. The field had 327 players who exchanged $5,200 for 100,000 chips, which made a prize pool of $1,635,000. The huge amount was shared by the top 48 finishers and the minimum cash being earned was around $10,627 along with an appearance in the final table that boosted the amount to $30,411.

The first player at the final table was Sheparentao who was followed by Oliver, PickYouOFF, and ubicaprofi and Oliver came in 5th place and became the last player who failed to achieve a 6 figure score. As far as Weis is concerned, he came to the rail by BuyThaPot as he had netted $113,632 prior to NoLoitering achieving the 3rd place for a sum of $158,595. A3PTEH along with Sami Kelopuro were left of the title. There was no deal to strike despite the existence of $100,000 pay jump. As A3PTEH reached 2nd place, the amount netted was $228,900 and then Kelopuro did walk away with a huge $317,190 which was included in his bankroll.
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