WSOPC Choctaw Won By Jason Strasser For $332,589

The today’s Poker fans might not recognize the name “strassa2,” however, those who are associated with the game for over a decade know it very well that it belongs to Jason Strasser, he is one of the online poker game stars early online years.

Just like the Vince Carter poker version out to prove the game hasn’t passed him by, at the main event of the World Series of Poker Circuit Choctaw (WSOPCC) Strasser showed up and proved that he is still the best. On Monday night he topped a field of 1,249 players and claim win amount of $332,539; this is biggest in his live poker career.

After winning the huge amount, he said, “It is great. Honestly, these days, I don’t get to play poker the final table; the way it played out was really amazing. For a long period of time we were three-handed and the game was going though, it was really, really fun. But, at the last I was the one who beat all other champs and claimed the prize amount. After a long time I had a great time”

In this tournament, there would be 135 paid places and number of notables making the money. Among those who were cashing include Justin Liberto, TJ Cloutier, Dan Sindelar, Tex Barch, Allen Kessler, Nick Pupillo and Blair Hinkle.

Just 18 players initiated the final day; with Strasser has one of the shortest stacks in being. In the between, Viet Vo played well and worked up a stack of more than 5 million by the 25,000/50,000/5,000 levels as he made it to the final table lead after concluding sixth in this event for $76K last year.